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PHOTOPAPER 04 – Elspeth Diederix nominated by Viviane Sassen

Elspeth Diederix (born 1971 in Nairobi) experimented in painting and sculpture before coming to photography. Based in Amsterdam, she travels a lot for her projects in order to be confronted with unfamiliar environments for her work. Since the end of her studies
in 2000, Diederix has exhibited internationally and published five books. »Still Life Submerged« is the latest one and features
her underwater images.

Viviane Sassen grew up between the Netherlands, where she was born in 1972, and Africa. She studied fashion design and photography,
but then began to mix staged photographs and snapshots for her work, which has been exhibited worldwide since her book Flamboya was widely acclaimed in 2008. Known especially for her successful photobooks, she has been awarded the prestigious Deutsche Fotobuchpreis (gold medal) twice already, for »Umbra« in 2016 and »In and Out of Fashion« in 2014.