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PHOTOPAPER 21 – Hannah Modigh nominated by Anders Petersen

Hannah Modigh was born in 1980 in Stockholm but spent large parts of her childhood in India and in Österlen, in the south of Sweden. During her adult life she has lived in Paris and Copenhagen and is now living and working in Stockholm. She has published four books Hillbilly Heroin Honey (Journal, 2010); Sunday Mornin´comin´Down (Journal, 2012); The Milky Way (Journal, 2014) and Hurricane Season (Max Ström, 2016).

Anders Petersen was born in Solna, Sweden, in 1944. He studied photography under Christer Strömholm. He is widely known for his intimat e and personal documentary-style, black-and-white photographs. In 1967 he photographed prostitutes, transvestites, drunks, lovers and drug addicts in Café Lehmitz, a bar in Hamburg. The resulting photobook was first published in 1978. Café Lehmitz has since become regarded as a seminal book in the history of European photography