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PHOTOPAPER 05 – Zhang Xiao nominated by Jason Fulford

Zhang Xiao (1981) is a Chinese photographer who studied architecture and design and worked first as a photojournalist for the Chongqing Morning Post. He won the Three Shadows Photography Award in 2010, which marked the starting point of his international career. In his two iconic series »Coastline« and »They«, he photographs ordinary people in their daily life so as to depict the rapid development of modern Chinese society.

Jason Fulford (1973, based in the US A) is a pho tographer and designer who works on commissions for famous brands and magazines and publishes book s with his company »J&L Book s«. He has adopted the photobook format as a primary mode of expression and develops all kinds of book s, combining essays, illustrations and founded postcards with his own photographs. Recently, together with Tamara Shopsin, he designed a photobook for children, »This Equals That« (2014).