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05 – Zhang Xiao
07 – Sean Lee

Sakiko Nomura
Photopaper 06

The darkness is captured, and the darkness is reflected.

Nobuyoshi Araki

Sakiko Nomura was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, in 1967 and after her studies moved to Tokyo where she worked as Nobuyoshi Araki’s assistant. Black-and-white male nudes are her major subjects. She sequences series and books of blackand- white photographs, mixing nudes, cityscapes, animals and still-lifes. Black Darkness published in 2008 and Nude / Room / Flowers in 2012 are her best-known projects.

Nobuyoshi Araki has been active in photography, film-making and publishing since his first solo exhibition in Japan in 1965. Born in Tokyo in 1940, Araki photographs subjects as diverse as flowers, Japanese bondage, his cat and street scenes, focusing on the central themes of sex and death. His work has been exhibited worldwide over the past thirty years and he has published over 400 books.

Nobuyoshi Araki nominated Sakiko Nomura for this edition of PHOTOPAPER. It has 16 pages. Images above showing selected pages.

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