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26/27 – JH Engström
29/30 – Thomas Sauvin, Klara Källström, Thobias Fäldt

Mathieu Asselin
Photopaper 28

Monsanto®‘s dozens of Superfund sites (large contaminated sites of hight priority for the US Environmental Protection Agency) across the United States alone are affecting hundreds of communities and their environment with terrifying health and ecological consequences. Monsanto® maintains strong ties with the US- government, and especially with the FDA (United States Food and Drugs Administration). It is a bed-fellow with many other economical and political power houses around the world. The company engages in campaigns of misinformation, the persecution of institutions and individuals, including scientists, farmers and activists that dare to disclose their crimes. Monsanto® is spreading new technologies and products, while scientists, ecological institutions and human rights organization are putting out alerts for issues like public health, food safety and ecological sustainability – issues on which our future on this planet depends. This is all particularly troublesome since Monsanto® is entering a new chapter of disregard for our planet through the creation and commercialization of GMOs. Looking at the company’s past and present, this project aims to picture what Monsanto®’s near future will look like.

—  Mathieu Asselin  —

PHOTOPAPER nominated Mathieu Asselin for this issue. It has 16 pages. Images above showing selected pages.

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