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08 – Annegien van Doorn
10 – Carlos Spottorno & Guillermo Abril

Jan van der Til
Photopaper 09

Nominated by Joachim Schmid

Jan van der Til (Groningen 1972, NL) collects photographs and quotations from books that instruct and inform. His work is entitled »Book« and has no fixed appearance. The collections have been archived in libraries and databases and are used as ‘building blocks’ for exhibitions, e.g., »Book III« at the Van Abbemuseum, NL in 2014. Van der Til has received various grants from the Mondriaan Fund, NL. His collections are administered by

Joachim Schmid – a German artist born in 1955 and based in Berlin – is known internationally for work based on vernacular photography. He uses other people’s photographs found on the street or the internet to create intriguing artworks. He has created a tremendous oeuvre since the eighties and self-published around 100 artist’s books so far.

Joachim Schmid nominated Jan van der Til for this edition of PHOTOPAPER. It has 16 pages. Images above showing selected pages.

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